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Why Music Go Round baby & toddler music classes?

What we do in our music classes

Music Go Round provides wonderful, fun and exciting music classes within a structured and progressive programme. Classes are carefully planned to include age appropriate activities, encouraging young children to develop their confidence and creativity as well as musical and communication skills.

How we do it

Our teachers bring to you the highest quality of musical learning. This sparks the children's imagination and fires their creativity as they explore the world around them through music. Using singing, action songs, body percussion, simple musical terminology, instruments, circle games, improvisation, drama, and dance we provide an extensive range of learning experiences.

Why music classes are so valuable

Research shows that all children have a natural ‘communicative musicality' which is enhanced and developed through a regular structured music class led by a specially trained teacher. A Music Go Round class creates an ‘enriched early educational environment' which supports and encourages the development of all areas outlined in the current government guidelines (EYFS) and especially communication, language and numeracy skills.

What are the benefits of Music Go Round music classes?

During the sessions there are many opportunities for children to develop:

  • Communication skills
  • Listening and concentration skills
  • Beat and rhythm
  • Language skills
  • Motor co-ordination
  • Numeracy
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Social Skills
  • Memory
  • Creative Expression
  • Confidence
  • A love of music

...and all while they are having fun with their friends!