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Baby & toddler music classes - Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about our music classes for babies, toddlers & preschool children.

What do you do?

Babies and children aged 0-5 enjoy age appropriate activities that encourage a love of music, a can-do approach and are fun, fun, fun! They include action songs and rhymes, themed half-termly topics eg farm, transport, summer etc, circle games, lots of singing, learning about high and low notes, fast and slow music, dancing, improvisation, body percussion, getting sense of rhythm, listening and responding games, learning about sounds and how instruments are played and much more! Babies enjoy lots of special time with their grown-ups tickling, tapping, swinging, building with bricks, dancing, playing peekaboo games, lots of singing and playing the instruments.

When can my baby start?

Babies can start as early as 6 weeks. Baby room classes are very gentle and with lots of spport from room staff and your class leader, babies become engaged and start to join in in their own special way, absorbing the music and enjoying the other sensory equipment used.

Older babies join in with lots of enthusiasm and quickly learn what to expect and how to clap along, play instruments and join in with the actions!

What are the age groups for music classes?

Children are usually grouped by their room at nursery, however where we teach mixed age group classes, activites are tailored to allow all children to develop at their own rate whilst enjoying lots of fun songs and activities.

How many children are there in each music class?

All classes accommodate up to 12 babies or children, and staff:child ratios are maintained.

Do the children play instruments?

Yes! Lots! They are taught in a fun way how to play them correctly to get the best sound, and encouraged to listen to the different sounds. During different activities they will be given a particular instrument to play and later on allowed to choose their favourite-always lots of smiles there!

Does Music Go Round use recorded music in the classes?

When leading the classes, we always sing unaccompanied so that children can clearly hear the tunes and words. They need to be able to clearly hear the sounds that they are making too, so that they can learn to sing tunefully. New songs are very quickly learnt by everybody, so there are lots of lovely sounds! We accompany ourselves with the body percussion and instruments for parts of the classes. CDs are used occasionally for dancing to and improvisation, also for quiet time at the end of the group.